Sunday, August 14, 2011

Newspaper Account of the First Grosvenor Reunion

Sue Abraham had this newspaper clipping detailing the first Grosvenor Reunion (which we assume was in 1948).

"The  first   Grosvenor   family   reunion was held Sunday, Sept. 7, at Fort Kaskaskia near Chester, with a fine dinner at noon and fun afternon of visiting.

Those present were:    Mr. and Mrs. Ed Kessel, Mr. and Mrs. Har­old   Dixon, daughter  Roberta and son  Merle,  Mr. and  Mrs. Chester Kessel and family, Mrs. Anna Lee Grosvenor,  Mr.   and   Mrs.   Clifford Ray Grosvenor.   Mr. and  Mrs. Al Strobl,   Carl   Ray   Grosvenor  and Paul  Claybough,  all of Murphysboro. Mr. Fred Grosvenor, Mr. and Mrs. French Grosvenor,  Mr. Fred Saul, Mrs. Thelma Ingram and son, Mr. and Mrs. Mack Jarrett and childen, Molly Ann, Kay, Danny and Kenny; Mr. and  Mrs. Ernest  Pyron,  and Mr. and Mrs. Charles Grosvenor, all of Jacob, Mr. and Mrs. Lester Grosvenor, daughter Geraldine and son Leslie Allen, Mr. Park Kessel and Mr. and Mrs. .Kenneth Saul, all of Ava, Mrs. Connie Nelson and son Charles, Vernon, Billy and Harold Welch of Rockwood, Mr. and Mrs.  Robert  Grosvenor and daughter. Betty, Mr. and .Mrs. Harry Postman and family, all of Chester; Mr. and Mrs. Walter Emert and granddaughter Sue Ellen Mueller of Cora;   Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Claussen   and   daughter   Patsy of Trenton, Mr. and Mrs. George Decker and sons of Jackson, Mo., Mr. and Mrs. Charles Saul and Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Saul of Belle­ville, 111.; Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Grosvenor and son, Mr. and Mrs. John Grosvenor and sons, Mr. and Mrs.; Hugh Harness and daughter, Mr.and Mrs. Henry Thomas and son and Mr. Vernon Welch, all of East St. Louis."


Cyndi (Welch) Carlson said...

Thats Awesome! My Dad, Vernon (Claude) Welch went to the first one with my Uncles (Harold and Bill) and Their Aunt Ethel (Grosvenor) Nelson. Ethel is Grandma Graces (Grosvenor) sister. She raised my Dad and Uncle Bill after Grandpa and Grandma (Claud B Welch and Grace Grosvenor) were killed by the man (kindest word I can think of) down the road. Dad had said at one point he tried to geta job at the prison but the said he couldnt work there cuz his parents murder was an inmate there. I also remember as a kid going to Great Aunt Ethels house in Chester,Il watching the barges go down the Mississippi....oh the memories

Robin said...

Cyndi - Thanks for commenting! How did you find the blog? If you will let me know your e-mail address, I will add you to a Shutterfly Grosvenor account that is set up. There you can view a lot of old pictures. We have a Grosvenor renuion every year in September in Ava.