Thursday, December 29, 2011

New Info on this house: I have been in contact with Cecil Saul and this is what he says about it: "The old house was less than a quarter mile east of the Fred Grosvenor ( Mack & Lorene) place. Without a doubt that is Parker and Leuticia on the right and the others are members of their family. Parker's children with birth and death dates are listed on findagrave, so a bit of detective work and a bit of guess work might solve the mystery. Built by Parker Grosvenor in the late 1860's . Frank Grosvenor grew up there. So did I. I remember seeing bills for construction materials and sawing in a desk there circa 1938. My mother grew up there. When Parker got older his younger daughter took care of him. and of her mother also. She inherited the house and land. The Sauls then owned it for another 50 years or so.  It was bulldozed in the 1980s..."


Cecil has a lot of information on - you can type in Parker (21) Grosvenor and this will lead you to all kinds of information. You can add notes and pictures if you like!

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