Sunday, September 16, 2012

August 18, 2012
We note with sorrow the passing of another Grosvenor. Florene Krone Grosvenor, wife of the late Jack Grosvenor passed away on 9 August 2012 and has been interred in the Greenacres cemetery in Scottsdale, AZ.
A findagrave memorial has been created for her. It's number is #95238697. Please visit her memorial and leave a flower as a token of respect.
The camera of Laura Whistle Duncan caught the tombstone of yet another unknown Grosvenor. Unknown to us, that is. This is a child. Donny P Grosvenor born May 6 1886 and died Sep 9, 1886. Apparently the son of John (22) and Sarah Ellidge Grosvenor Jarrett Easton. Because of the Grosvenor custom of naming first-born sons either John or Parker, I had postulated another son for John (22) because his only recorded son was named Otis. I had expected another John or Parker. But was I wrong? Laura's camera also caught another anomalie. Their graves are in a line: A double stone for John (22) & Sarah, A wide empty space, Donny's stone, and then Otis's stone. Why the wide empty space? The sequence of deaths were: Donny 1886, John 1901, Otis 1913, Sarah, 1942. Why was John not buried next to his son, Donny? Could there be another son (named Parker or John) born circa 1888 buried in that spot? I intend to ask the restoration crew to probe that area for a headstone.

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