Sunday, September 16, 2012

September 1, 2012

Again I must begin the blog with the announcement of the passing of another of our clan. This week it is Brenda Underwood, wife of Tom Underwood, son of Melba Grosvenor who died suddenly in Phoenix. A findagrave memorial has been created for her. It is # 96351108 . To view the memorial simply find findagrave with GOOGLE (or other search engine) and enter the memorial number. and please leave a flower.
An exciting new contact this week: Steve Grosvenor, son of Jack and Florene Grosvenor. He had not heard of the Grosvenor reunion until he ran into the track left by findagrave. He and his son, John, will attend the reunion in Ava this year. Interesting, isn't it, that he named his son John without knowing the Grosvenor tradition ? That is the second time I have found this coincidence: Sandra Choate named a son Parker also without knowing.

The "Gathering at Glenn" continues to be noised about on the internet.  There are a number of different groups with differing opinions.  Certainly the Grosvenors who travel long distances to the reunion will visit the cemetery. There are a number of genealogists and family historians who have noted our activity and the recent restorations who would like to meet informally and discuss them. There are a lot of friends of the Grosvenors who would like to meet the decendents of people they once knew but wouldn't dare to crash their reunion party.  On the other hand, Glenn is a country hill-side burial ground with absolutely no 'facilities'. There is no water. It is miles from the nearest
public flush toilet. My photog saw a rattle-snake there this summer. So what to do? There is bound to be a 'happening' of sorts there on 22-23 September. Once things go on the internet no one can predict their outcome. I have no idea of what attendance might be. In the spirit of a 'happening', I mostly just advocate that it happen. It might be a beautiful thing. It might be a mess. It might rain. On the other hand, it might make the trip worth-while for someone who has driven 2000 miles. and would like more than a green-bean casserole.

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