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September 15, 2012

Ah! the Reunion is upon us! Within a week Ava will be agog with Grosvenors. Already there may be Grosvenors in such far-away places as Arizona and Florida who are packing their car-trunks. It promises to be a great event. I wish I could attend. To those who have been reading this blog (but perhaps not closely enough) I will again explain: I am an old duffer, working on my 88th year and I live in Longview, Texas. My mother was Edna Grosvenor, the 17th and last child of Parker(21) Grosvenor. I am the sixth of seven children of Edna and Fred Saul. I grew up on the original Grosvenor farm "under the bluff" but left for the Army in 1942. I have been back for only short visits
since. I have never been to a Grosvenor Reunion but have always had verbal reports from siblings who did. Those siblings who remained in the area, Anna Clendenin, Thelma Slaybaugh and Kenneth Saul, are no longer with us. Only my younger sister, Edna Mae Todd, and I survive.  Edna Mae visited Glenn Cemetery only a month ago but suffered a fall on the way home to Virginia and now lies in a hospital with hip and spinal fractures.
I am a shut-in, tied to a large tank of squeezed air  with a thirty-foot length of poly-propylene tubing. I travel a lot... but unfortunately not outside my 30 foot circle! For the last couple of years I have been deeply involved with an on-line graves registration for-profit organization called findagrave.
findagrave makes it's profit from advertising on the side-bars of memorials to the dead which are posted by volunteers, such as I, and there is no charge or expense for the users. I highly reccommend it to all my readers. Try it! You'll like it! Using findagrave, I, (and a group of helpers), are writing a sort of digital history, one page at a time. On various memorials you will find obituaries, biographical sketches, pictures of the dearly departed, pictures of their tombstones, maybe pictures of their dogs, their horses, the houses they lived in, the cars they drove. There are linkages to their parents, their children and often lists of their siblings. Visitors can leave notes and virtual flowers.  There is "no charge and no salesman will call".  It is my hope that a number of Grosvenors will down-load and store or make print-outs of findagrave material to take to the reunion and to the GAG (Gathering At Glenn). It is an excellent method of comparing notes and taking notes. I hope there will be laptops, ipods, printers, etc. Make sure you have at least one fully charged battery. I am not sure Ava has an internet cafe nor that Bower Park has a battery charger. Connectivity may be a problem. But surely someone there can set up at least one internet link in cooperation with the locals. When that is established the reunion will move into the digital age. No longer will it be just a party in the will go world wide!   Hence-forth digital shall reign. I may be the last decendent of the Grosvenors to remember tying a team of mules to the hitching rack in front of the Ava bank, and I hope to be the first to have an internet connection with the reunion. I will spend reunion weekend seated at
my computer with telephone at my elbow and my dining room table piled high with old papers and stuff hoping to field questions and recieve reports.
"Laissez les bons temps rouler !" (Let the good times roll!)

There follows a list of graves which I know exist at Glenn but which I have no photographic evidence. I hope some of you will make a print-out of this and take it to the GAG. I sure would like to have pics of these headstones. BTW you don't need anyone's permission to post stuff on findagrave. You do need to register as a contributor, tho, but that is only done to prevent the posting of inapropriate material.
Asbury, Elizabeth J. "Liza" Hickman 65032950
b. 1851 d. Dec. 16, 1910 Glenn Cemetery

Asbury, George Samuel 64774954
b. Oct. 12, 1904 d. Dec. 3, 1929 Glenn Cemetery
Clark, Armin Leverne 12649333
b. unknown d. unknown Glenn Cemetery
Donalds, Mary Jane Holoman 13549253
b. Nov. 21, 1838 d. Oct. 2, 1889 Glenn Cemetery
Dunhouse, John 85263155
b. unknown d. Dec. 10, 1914 Glenn Cemetery
Dunhouse, Mary J 95167008
b. unknown d. Oct. 2, 1889 Glenn Cemetery
Grosvenor, Clyde 86935736
b. Oct. 10, 1901 d. Apr. 20, 1903 Glenn Cemetery
Grosvenor, Frank 64136582
b. Feb. 11, 1878 d. Dec. 1, 1923 Glenn Cemetery
Grosvenor, Louticia F Keeton Tabors 63708037
b. Aug. 8, 1844 d. Nov. 4, 1919 (Individual stone)
Korando, Albina Shambera 82494390
b. Dec., 1837 d. Feb. 4, 1918 Glenn Cemetery
Korando, Harry 89580713
b. 1874 d. 1913 Glenn Cemetery
Korando, Juliet Marie 91874076
b. Oct. 19, 1914 d. Feb. 25, 1917 Glenn Cemetery

McBride, Ruth Grosvenor 89230393
b. unknown d. 1933
Mondeau, Mrs Thomas Livery 64755623
b. 1870 d. 1900 Glenn Cemetery
Morefield, Thomas Hill 5067563
b. Apr. 5, 1850 d. Oct. 25, 1923 Glenn Cemetery

Saul, Annie 64352401
b. Jul. 20, 1907 d. Aug. 21, 1907 Glenn Cemetery
Saul, Infant Son 86187489
b. Oct., 1930 d. Oct., 1930 Glenn Cemetery
Saul, Infant Twin of Annie 64774619
b. Jun., 1907 d. Jun., 1907 Glenn Cemetery
Woodruff, H B 85262691
b. unknown d. Oct. 19, 1887 Glenn Cemetery
Woodruff, Henry 85262667
b. unknown d. Apr. 4, 1873 Glenn Cemetery

Woodward, Mary D 94597971
b. unknown d. unknown Glenn Cemetery
Woodward, Murry 94599046
b. Oct. 3, 1875 d. Feb., 1876 Glenn Cemetery
Laissez les bons temps rouler !
COMMENT:  Cecil, I want to thank you for all of your hard work and very interesting blogs each week. My name is Gail (Littlefield) Bearden. I am Kay Jarrett's daughter (Robin Rohlfing's first cousin). I have enjoyed your entertainng thoughts and information that you have passed onto all of us younger descendants of the Grosvenor's. I will be attending the reunion again this year as I have so many years before. However, I anticipate a little more of a "buzz" of excitement thanks to you. I hope the group can connect with you sometime during the day. Please continue the posts... and thanks again so very much!!!!!
COMMENT: Cecil,my name is Karen (Bower) Thies. My mother is Pat Bower, Stella (Grovesnor) Claussens daughter. Just thought that you would find it intresting that the name of your Grandfather Parker is being carried on by my son Parker Thies 12 years old.

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