Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Grosvenor's Glenn   
April 30, 2012
Charley B Grosvenor. His tombstone stands at Glenn. He was born 28 Jun 1893, died 14 Jul 1894. But the question arose: Whose child was he? I assumed he belonged to Fred and Martha and listed him as such. However, on later checking I find that Anna (Emert) was born 3 months after Charley B. Therefore he was not the son of Fred and Martha so I assumed he belonged to French and Nettie. BUT on another cross-checking last week I found that French and Nettie were not married in 1893! Then who??? Ah! John and Sarah! He fits! Home at last! But NOW, That poses another problem. Who is the baby in the picture with John and Sarah? If the picture was taken before July 1894 the baby is Charley B. If it was taken after then the baby is Ethel! Can we determine wwhen the picture was taken? Possibly. My dad told me a story once about the pictures. He said a photographer in a covered wagon toured the countryside once and almost every family had their pictures taken then. Look at the pix of Fred & martha, John and Sarah, Parker and Louticia, the Parker Grosvenor house with French? sitting in the window. Look at some of the Saul pictures. The William & Sarah family on their front porch. Guess people's ages. Look at vegetation for time of year. Are there other peoples' photos somewhere.? Finally we need to check Glenn cemetery for the location of Charleyy B's stone. Is it close to Fred's , French's or John's stone? C'mon Sherlocks!

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