Tuesday, July 10, 2012

May 5, 2012

   I got a real helping hand last week from Tom Underwood in Arizona
and as a result have connected the Arizona Grosvenors to the Glenn
Grosvenors on findagrave. Also he gave me enough info to create
memorials for John and Genevieve Grosvenor in Milstadt and connect
them to the other Grosvenors. My readers are invited (even requested!)
to visit these memorials and proof-read, add pictures, submit a bio or
whatever. As I mentioned before, the easiest way to get into the
findagrave system is to use GOOGLE and search for "findagrave Fred
Grosvenor" and once there, click on everything in sight... including the
names of people. Also PLEASE click on "Leave a flower and a Note".
It's free and nobody will try to sell you anything.
This week I have been doing Jarrett-Grosvenors. It is complex.
Consider: Mrs Sarah Mohler Grosvenor (wife of John(22) Grosvenor)
married Henry Silas "Si" Jarrett who was the widower of Louella Gray
and they were the parents of Marie Jarrett. Marie married Fred "Larry"
Grosvenor and both died in Arizona. BUT Larry's sister Lorene married
Miles "Mack" Jarrett. I have not yet been able to locate the burial
placeof Henry Silas Jarrett, which is essential for sticking this whole
picture together. Does anyone know?
Computer problems: My yahoo incoming mail is afflicted and I don't
know yet what I can do about it. Here's a work around method:
GOOGLE "findagrave Stan Din" and you will arrive at my 'stand-in'
page at Glenn. Click on "Leave a flower and a note". Every day I will
drop by, smell the flowers and read the notes!


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