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June 2, 2012
Grosvenor's Glenn
Parker Grosvenor's stone:

Another side of the Parker Grosvenor family obelisk is dedicated to
Parker's second wife Louisa Hiser and their children. However, all are not listed on the stone.
Here is a listing:
Louisa Hiser Grosvenor (1844 - 1878) On obelisk
Parker (22) Grosvenor (1865 - 1885)* On obelisk & has another stone
Infant son Grosvenor (1867 - 1867)* On Obelisk No other stone found
Fred Grosvenor (1868 - 1960)*
Ferdnand Grosvenor (1870 - 1890)* On obelisk No other stone found
Mary C. Grosvenor Kessel (1871 - 1962)*
Peter Kiefer Grosvenor (1873 - 1893)*On obelisk No other stone found
French Grosvenor (1874 - 1970)*
Frank Grosvenor (1878 - 1923)*
Louisa died "of comlications of childbirth" but it is not known that a child was actually born. None is listed on the obelisk and no tombstone found. The infant son born 1867 (and believed to have been named Levi ) was inscribed on the obelisk. Of greater speculation is the missing stone of Peter Kiefer. He was an adult and surely there was a stone. Darrell
said there were stone fragments in the area.
Fred , Mary, French and Frank were still alive at the obelisk was erected and their names are not on it. It is tempting to say their names should be added but then the problem becomes "Where?"
For pictures of the aforementioned gravestones please visit the appropriate findagrave memorials.

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