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May 26, 2012
The mysterious stone of Parker (21) Grosvenor.
If you have not visited the findagrave memorial of Parker(21) and
Eliza Jane (Herring) Grosvenor and their children you should do so...
immediately! It will take several of my columns to properly cover
this subject without repeating bios.
The stone of Parker was erected sometime after his death when only
five of his seventeen children survived, namely Fred, French, Frank,
Mattie, and Edna. Since Mattie was mentally incompetent, only four
participated in the design of the marker.
First a description of the marker: It is a large up-right stone of the
type historians call an "obelisk" On one side is engraved the name of
Parker Grosvenor. On each of the other three sides is the name of a
wife and below each wife's name are the names of her children.
Individual headstones stretch out from each side. Several fragments
of a headstone have been seen here recently and some detective work
is needed to determine whose headstone or headstones have been
broken and to restore them to their proper position.
What is interesting is who is ingraved on the obelisk and who is not,
and who got an individual stone and who did not. For instance, why
was first-born son John, who grew to adulthood and produced
decendants, NOT on the obelisk but Infant Grosvenor whose birth
killed the mother WAS? John's widow and children were alive at the
time the stone was put up.
There are other mysteries on the other sides of the obelisk which I
will discuss in later columns. Meanwhile, visit the memorials, leave
flowers, and help me figger. And while visiting , click on the "photos"
tab at the top of each memorial and see a really good view of the
Parker Grosvenor ON obelisk. No individual stone found
Eliza Jane On obelisk. Also has individual Tombstone
John 1855 - 1901 NOT on obelisk but has individual stone
Sarah A. 1857 - 1875 IS on obelisk AND has individual stone
William 1860 - 1860 IS on obelisk. No individual stone found
Albert 1861 - 1881 IS on obelisk. No individual stone found
Infant Son 1863 - 1863 IS on obelisk. No individual stone found

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