Tuesday, July 10, 2012

July 7, 2012
I have devoted several columns in the past to John(20) and Agnes Grosvenor largely because of the mysterious marker erected by WE Talbott at Glenn to honor his "brother-in-law John Grosvenor and father, WR Talbott" There has been speculation as to whether that stone was an actual grave marker or a historical monument. This week we got a definitive answer: It is a historical marker. For sure, for sure. We know because the tombstone of John Grosvenor has been found! This week I received a picture of it from Darrell and have posted it on John(20)'s memorial. Go take a look. It had toppled and been buried for decades. The stone is of the "do-it-yourself" type. The stones (or hardened-clay) blanks were sold in country stores and the family or friends inscribed the name of the deceased and his vital statistics on them. It is fitting that the volunteer restoration crew had at least three members who are Great Great Grand Children of this man (Darrell Clendenin and the Jarrett brothers. The crew also found and refurbished the stone of Sarah M, the daughter of John and Agnes and it's pic is posted to her findagrave memorial. Y'all done real good, restoration crew! I also received pics of 10 UNKNOWN stones from Darrell. Some of these had probably lain in the ground for a century or more. Some have visible inscriptions that we may be able to decipher with some work. I have posted some of the restoration photos on the memorial of Stan Din which is a sort of personal alter ego/ bulletin board. Please take a look at them. It's easy! Just google "findagrave stan din". Your comments invited.

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