Saturday, April 28, 2012

December 2, 2011
Hello Grosvenors!
I am Cecil Saul. My parents were Fred and Edna (Grosvenor) Saul. I live
in Longview, TX. I left Illinois 70 years ago to go to WWII and have benn
only for short visits since. Never-the-less that is "home". The house
where I grew up (the house that Parker built). is gone without a trace.
For me, the thing that remains is Glenn Cemetery (which ,incidently, was
formerly known as "The Grosvenor Farm"). For the past year I have been
"addicted" to a computer website called findagrave which is primarily a
graves registration site but is ACTUALLY much, much, more. I have
teemed up with Darrell Clendenin in order to create a virtual Glenn
Cemetery on line. Darrell photographs the tombstones and I enter the in
pics and the info on them into findagrave. As of now Glenn has 550
entries, 57 of whom are Grosvenors. Of couse, Darrell and I are not the
only contributors. This project is open to all and this posting is really a
recruiting ploy. We (and Glenn) need all the help we can get. To take a
gander at what we are about, I suggest you go to GOOGLE and enter
"findagrave fred grosvenor" When you arrive at his memorial, you must
EXPLORE. Click on everything in sight...PHOTOS, MEMORIALS, names
of spouse, children, parents, GLENN, even Cecil Saul. Each click opens up
a new pathway. Enjoy! Contribute! Communicate!

Cecil S

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