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March 3, 2012

The findagrave project in which I am engaged requires that memorials have two things
(a) The name of a dead person
(b) The place of burial
With those two items the main stated purpose of findagrave (Grave registeration) is achieved. When a memoial is created with only those items, it says, in effect , “Here lies John Doe” All else is optional, although more is desireable. The digital record has several advantages over the stone. One is durability. Stone tombstones have been around for thousands of years but it is rare to see one more than a few hundred years old anywhere in the world. Why? The main reason is that they wear out. They erode, crack. or topple. Conversely a digital picture of a tombstone is literally immortal. It will be crisp and clear after the stone has weathered to dust. And price-wise it is a bargain. Volunteers create the memorials. Volunteers take the pictures.
The following is a list of Grosvenors whom, I believe, have died and about whom I need more information. Please, readers, furnish me with any information you have about these people,…pictures…obituaries … anything. In some cases, the name and location of their cemetery is all I need. Also , if you know of any others whom have died, please let me know. The Grosvenor history should include every Grosvenor!
The missing Grosvenors:
Decendents of John (22) Grosvenor
*Golda Cheatham Grosvenor Wife of Otis, S

Decendents of Frank Grosvenor findagrave Memorial# 6413658
*Son, Edward Grosvenor {Killed in a ship explosion in New York Harbor during WW II]
*Son, Albert Grosvenor b. 18 Jun 1904 d. 19 Jan 1971 Oakland, Alameda Calif
*Son, Roscoe Grosvenor b. Jun 23, 1899 Died April 4, 1973 in Fontana California
*Son, Homer P Grosvenor b. Feb 14, 1909 d. Mar 18 1993 Kent, Kings Co. WA
*2nd wife, Lou Ella Long Grosvenor
*Daughter, Shirley Grosvenor

Decendents of Fred Grosvenor findagrave Memorial# 63403537
*Larrry Grosvenor: b. Oct 21 1898 m. Marie Jarrett d. Feb 11 1968 in Phoenix, Maricopa AZ & Son,
*Jack Grosvenor b. Illinois 1925 d, Arizona
*Benjamin Daniel Grosvenor: b. Apr 28 1909 d. October 22, 1985 in Dupo, IL
* Lida McClanahan Grosvenor
*John Parker Grosvenor: b. Aug 30, 1902 d. Oct 6 1978, in Milstadt St Clair IL
*Genevieve Grosvenor

Decendents of William Jennings "Bryan" Grosvenor
*Lauretta Grosvenor

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