Saturday, April 28, 2012

January 28, 2012
A really busy week around Glenn. I have added another 68 entries bringing the total to 715. 700 of them have tombstone pictures. The new additions are mostly Bohemian again and again the Korandos ae the most numerous. As of now there are 57 Grosvenors and 56 Korandos. I would like to root for the home team but I don't want to urge the Grosvenors to die faster so I will hereby wish the Koranddos "Good Health!"
A real flurry of activity this week clearing up the identity of Sarah Catherine Ellidge Grosvenor Jarrett Easton, the wife of John (22) Grosvenor. Robin is posting some pics of her this week. Visit her on findagrave. May I again call your collective attention to the Wm R Talbott/John (20) Grosvenor stone at Glenn where-upon Wm E Talbott proclaims that he and John Grosvenor are brother-in-laws. Who among you can explain? I am coninced that I have solved the riddle. I need an independent verification.

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