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February 11, 2012
About Agnes Lorance Grosvenor Kiefer. We know very little about her from the statistical records. She was born in Smith County, Tennessee November 14, 1811. She went to school with Wm E Talbott at a school a mile east of Glenn cemetery. W E Talbott placed a monument there on which he grouped his schoolmates by families. The last two entries are W E Talbott and A Lorance. I believe that Agnes Lorance was the half-sister of W E Talbott. Specifically, the daughter of Martha Gifford Talbott. I cite the following to bolster my argument: (A) John (20) Grosvenor married Agnes Lorance, and thereby became the (half) brother-in-law of Wm E Talbott. A son, (Parker (21) Grosvenor) was born in 1833. (B) Martha Gifford Talbott died in 1841 and was buried on the farm of her daughter, Mrs. Agnes Lorance Grosvenor. (aka “The Grosvenor Farm “ and is now Glenn Cemetery) (C) Wm R Talbott died in 1847 and he, too, was interred (on the farm of his step-daughter, Agnes Lorance Grosvenor) at Glenn.. (D) John Grosvenor died in 1847 also and was buried on his own farm (Glenn Cemetery). W E Talbott erected one stone to honor his father, Wm R Talbott and his brother-im-law John Grosvenor.
Agnes Lorance Grosvenor (John’s widow) married Peter Kiefer who ran a store at Degognia (near present day Cora) and they later moved to DeSoto where she died in 1890. (E) Wm E Talbott evidently remained in contact with his elder half-sister, Agnes, and approved of her second husband. He named a son “Peter Kiefer Talbott” in honor of his new brother-in-law . Parker Grosvenor evidently approved of the marriage also. He named a son “Peter Kiefer Grosvenor” in honor of his step-father.
Why is this of importance to the Grosvenors? BECAUSE the tombstone of Martha Gifford Talbott stands at Glenn, unhonored by the Grosvenors and she is probably the Grammy of us all. She is possibly the first ancestor of all the Reunion Grosvenors to be buried at Glenn. Can we ever know for sure? Of course! If we really want to know, DNA testing can show if the Grosvenors are related to the Talbotts!


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