Saturday, April 28, 2012

April 21, 2012
GROSVENORS’ GLENN& The Grosvenor Reunion.

Consider this to be an extension of last week’s column. I believe that there are a lot of local people who would like to attend the Grosvenor reunion but, unfortunately, they were neither born into, nor found a mate, in the Grosvenor tribe; so they don’t get invited. And there are a lot of Grosvenors who would like to meet some of the local people who were neighbors of their ancestors, but don’t know where to find them. It is also my belief that a lot of the people who attend the reunion also pay a visit to the cemetery. My proposal is that the Grossvenor Reunion be modified by aclaim to include an entire week-end with Saturday being Cemetery Day and Sunday being Grosvenor Reunion Day. On Saturday an informal “happening’ would be held at Glenn Cemetery. There should be no agenda for the cemetery thing. No halls to rent, no refreshments to serve. Everybody invited. Everybody goes. People show up, visit graves, plant flowers, take pictures, and share stories. Hopefully, some of the Cemetery Volunteers will show up to act as guides and help visitors locate graves. Hopefully a lot of people will show up with digital cameras, cell phones, ipods, GPS receivers, etc and a lot of real documentation will eventually show up on findagrave. I hope, very shortly, to kick off a digital mapping of Glenn cemetery and even random photos of the cemetery will be helpful.
It is my contention that the Grosvenor Reunion as now constituted will continue to shrink but the Cemetery Day will grow since all interested parties are free to attend. This move would be in complete accordance with the Grosvenor tradition in the area. After all, Glenn Cemeter itself was “The Grosvenor Farm” until the Grosvenors invited the public. That tradition should continue. Comments invited.


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