Saturday, April 28, 2012

February 4, 2012

Robin has posted the pics of Aunt Sarah and therefore I feel compelled to comment. Aunt Sarah trod a long road in her lifetime and most of it was unpaved. She outlived 3 husbands... John (22) Grosvenor, Cy Jarrett and John Easton. Her only son, Otis, died at age 22 - just 4 days before his son, Otis, was born. Her daughter, Grace (Welch), was gunned down by a lunatic in St Louis. (Read the full story of the murder posted on her findagrave site # 64949920). Aunt Sarah is an ancestor of the Nelsons and Welches who attend the reunion. The pics of her birthday party were, I believe, taken on 29 September 1917. I wish I could identify the people in those pictures. Unfortunately, I was born in 1925 and while most of them look familiar, I am reluctant to commit. I have sent them on to my sister Thelma, who has passed her hundredth birthday and who was undoubtedly at that party and is in those pictures. But Thelma is lucid only occassionally now. We may never know who they were.
For you Sherlocks who are working on the John (20) Grosvenor / W E Talbott mystery, I offer a clue: Who was Agnes Lorance? Answer that question and get a Grammy you didn't expect!


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