Saturday, April 28, 2012

February 25, 2012
Well, there are a few new entries in findagrave for Glenn this week. Darrell was there on Monday and we had long conversations via cell phone. Darrell is laying the ground-work for a restoration/identication project which will be conducted "soon". There is a triumvirate consisting of Darrell (Clendenin), Danny Jarrett and "Butter" Korando who are going to spend a day re-setting and identifying fallen stones. Danny is bringing a tractor with a hoist, so there will be serious work done. I am sure they would appreciate any help they can get. Strong backs would be fine but not absolutely ncessary for this project. A lot of things will have to be done. Some of the stones are almost buried. They will come up muddy and have to be cleaned, examined, and highlighted with marker pens, chalk , or what ever, and then photographed. Where there is a suspected stone or a missing piece, someone needs to probe for it. Some illegible stones can be identified by their position in a row or in a section so some mapping will need to be done. And knowing "where the body is buried" would be an invaluable asset. There will be a need for searchers to hunt for missing stones and 'go fers' to go fer the stuff nobody thought to bring. And record keepers


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