Saturday, April 28, 2012

January 6, 2012
The Grosvenor/Talbott connection. In 1841 Martha Talbott died. She was buried on the farm owned by John and Agnes (Lawrence) Grosvenor. Why? The Talbotts had a farm of their own. Their children established the Talbott cenetery there later. When her husband William died 6 years later in 1847 he was buried alongside John Grosvenor and her son erected that strange tombstone proclaiming that this was the tomb of his father and his brother-in-law. John Grosvenor had no sister. He had a half sister named Mary Hill but Wm E Talbott didn't marry Mary Hill. He married Elizabeth Crain and was married to her when he put up that stone. Was he in error? Wm E Talbott was 29 years old in 1847. He put up a number of monuments. I strongly suspect that two other monuments at Glenn were erected by Wm E Talbott because they are identical with the Talbotts (& Grovenor) stones and I postulate that there were four stones ordered, delivered and erected at the same time. Those other stones belong to Lucotha Marissa and Caroline Humphries and are undated. Why undated? Normally undated stones indicate the person was still alive when the stone was put up. Who were these people? I don't know, but I believe they were very close to John Grosvenor.

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