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March 24, 2012
Sometimes my right hand doesn't know what my left is doing. Or maybe it is a
matter of focus. I find it difficult to concentrate on a single item and see the whole
picture at the same time. That is why I post things and then come back with
corrections. Take last week's posting of Mary's Book. On MB 045 BO, Mary says,
"Parker m. (2) Mrs. Louisa (McBride) Hiser b. 3 April 1844 d. 28 Dec 1878" That is
in error. I have known about it for some time and now I have perpetuated the error.
That line should read,
"Parker married MISS Louisa Hiser b. 3 April 1844 d. 28 Dec 1878".
I am in touch with Steve McBride who does McBride genealogy and he informs me
that the only person born Louisa McBride in Illinois was born in 1833, and married
Henry M. Hiser, therefore she became Louisa Hiser by marriage and she remained
married to Henry M. Hiser until her death from typhoid in the 1870's. She had a
daughter in 1870 whose decendents survive until now. She was NOT the granny of
any Grosvenors.
I am also in touch with Guyetta Cluck who has written a 600 page Hiser book and
has files listing 66000 Hisers. She informs me that there was a Hiser female b. 3
April 1844 to Issac Hiser and his second wife Lorinda (Asbury) Hiser in Jackson
County , Illinois. She is listed on the 1850 census as "Eliza". Hiser records say she
married Parker Grosvenor on 30 August 1864 at age 20 . There is no record of any
prior marriage.
The census of 1850 shows:
Residence 580 HISER Isaac 57 Farmer $150 TN
Lorenda 32 KY
Phoebe 18 TN
Malvina 16 TN
Elisabeth 8 IL *
Rebecca 6 IL
Eliza 5 IL <--------------------
Sarah E. 2 IL
Note that there is Elizabeth 8, and Eliza 5. Not likely in the same family; since
Eliza is a diminuitive of Elizabeth. This appears to be a census error. "Eliza" was
undoubtedly Louisa. I should mention that, altho not on this census, there was an
older half-brother, Henry Hiser, who left this family the previous year and married
(Guess who?) Louisa McBride!
Sorry, Grosvenors! Sorry McBrides! We're friends but not related! Yet.

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