Saturday, April 28, 2012

January 21, 2012
It is with sadness that I report the passing of an old and dear friend, Melvin Brush. His obit is below. Note that he served on the Glenn Cemetery board for many years and that, like Elda Saul the week before, he asked for donations to Glenn Cemetery in lieu of flowers. He was buried at Glenn on Wednesday.

I have entered another 63 names and grave photos into findagrave this week. Mostly from our neighbors in the Bohemian community who tilled the gumbo soil t'other side of the RR tracks that ran thru Jones Ridge, Raddle and Jacob. People with names like Brcek, Vasnic, Bernasec and Korando and who attended St Ann's church in Raddle. They buried their dead at Glenn because the bottoms flooded. The bonds between the "bluff people" and the "bottoms people" were very strong. Darrell's camera captured 15 more Korando graves at Glenn and they now outnumber the Grosvenors. Read old Joseph Korando's 1936 Obit on his website. Note that he had 40 living grandchildren when he died.
This week I am adding more pics that are of relevance to the Grosvenors. They are of a marker, not at Glenn, but situated by a barn about a mile east. It is a replica of an original stone that was erected by Wm E Talbott and was destroyed by vandals. With his stones Wm E Talbott has sent a message to the present day Grosvenors. How many of you can see it? Okay Sherlocks.... have at it.


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