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February 18, 2012
John Grosvenor

John (20) Grosvenor was born in 1811 to Sarah Hill and Parker (19) Grosvenor in the two-room log cabin 3/4 mile west of Glenn cemetery. The 1820 census shows a Jackson County family headed by Parker Grosvenor with a wife, a teenage girl and a boy between 5 and 10; completely compatible with Parker (19), Sarah, step-sister, Mary Hill, and John. In 1821 Parker was reappointed Justice of the Peace . In 1823 Sarah Grosvenor married Benjamin Crane. Therefore Parker (19) must have died circa 1822. Mary Hill probably got married. We don’t know
The 1830 Census lists no Grosvenors but does show a Mary Crain (Crane) age 40 to 50 as head of a household with one other member, a male 15 to 20. At that time Sarah Hill Grosvenor Crane would have been 40 to 50 and John Grosvenor would have been 19. It fits except for the name “Mary” instead of “Sarah”. We find no records of Benjamin Crane so he must have died before 1930.
John married “Agnes Lorance from Tennessee” before 1833 when Parker (21) was born. They had 5 children.: Parker, (b 1833 d. 1915); Mary Ann, (b. 1835 d. 1884); One unamed child under age 5 is listed on the 1840 census (birth and death dates unknown); Sarah (b.1842 d, 1852) & Martha (b. 1847 d. 1857). A female age 50 to 60 is shown on the 1840 census living with this family. This is almost assuredly John’s mother, Sarah Hill Grosvenor.
. The Jackson County courthouse at Brownsville burned in 1845 along with most of the records.
Neither of John’s parents’ graves, (Parker & Sarah) ,have been found at Glenn, nor has that of his step-father, (Benjamin Crane) nor that of his step-sister, (Mary Hill), nor of his infant daughter (from the 1840 census). If they are not at Glenn, then where are they? My guess is they are buried at Houge, also called “Jones Ridge Cemetery” . Houge is a large (7 acre) cemetery 4 miles west of Glenn near Cora on the north side of Illinois route 3. No burials there since the 1930s and no maintenance. There are 44 identified headstones there but Darrell estimates there may be a hundred or more with toppled, sunken, broken or unreadable stones. It is probably older than Glenn and probably holds a lot of Grosvenor history. Visit it on findagrave.


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